Shake up city council

Matthew Wolfe can bring a new perspective to Philadelphia's City Council.  The Democratic Machine has run the city for generations.  They run it not for our citizens, but for themselves.  Philadelphia did not become the poorest big city in America due to a natural disaster.  There was no Superstorm Sandy.  Philadelphia's disaster was man-made.  Bad decisions made by politicians for whom reelection trumped good government.

Philadelphia is a great city.  Even in some of the poorer neighborhoods you see new homes being built.  There is a market despite our oppressive tax rates, irrational tax structure, corruption, mismanagement and misplaced priorities.  With real leadership the city could thrive.

 J. Matthew Wolfe and his wife Denise Furey

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Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor

“We cannot afford for our elected officials to put their own futures ahead of the next generation’s, and to continue perpetuating a labor-electoral complex that is undermining our collective future.” 

Building a stronger Philadelphia

Bring common sense to city council

Special Election!

Democrats, Republicans and Independents can vote May 20

A Special Election will be held the same day as the Primary Election on May 20, 2014.  This will be to fill the City Council at Large seat that was vacated by Bill Green, who resigned to take over as the Chairman of the School Reform Commission.  Although this will be the same day as the Primary Election, unlike the Primary Election, in which you can only vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary if you are registered in that party, everyone can vote in the Special Election - Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party members, Independents and anyone else who is registered.  This will entail some voter education, as Independents and voters registered in parties other than the Democrats and Republicans are not used to be able to vote in the Primary Election.

There is no primary for this election.  Whoever wins will immediately be seated on City Council.  The Democrats have nominated the next cog in the Democratic Machine.  The former Political Director for Johnny Doc's Local 98, he was recently elected a State Representative, but after reapportionment found himself living in the same district as another machine politician.  The Democratic Ward Leaders got together and nominated a candidate to avoid an expensive primary fight between two machine politicians.  Best candidate for the City?  Nah.  Best candidate for the Machine?  Of course.

Any independent candidates have until April 8 to file signatures to get on the ballot.

Also the same day is a measure to change the City Charter.  Since the charter was enacted by the voters in 1951, City Councilmen and other Philadelphia elected officials have had to resign from their office if they wanted to run for another political office.  There is good policy reasons for this.  When a vote comes up, are they going to vote in the best interests of the voters who elected them to office or in the best interests of the voters who will be voting for them in the political office that they would rather have?  Or even worse, will they vote to pander to the special interest groups who will contribute to their campaign for the political office they would rather have?  Now City Council wants to collect their six-figure salaries while they don't do the job you elected them to do and they spend all of their time running for the office they would rather have.  And they voted for this unanimously.  Like the Special Election, Independents can vote and must vote against this shameless grab for more power.